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Patrons: The Earl & Countess of Harewood
President: Mr S Hollings

Welcome to the Society's Web Site dedicated to the Weimaraner.


NEWS Open Show on 28th July 2019 at Leeds Ch Show. Further details on the Events page.

The North of England Weimaraner Society was founded in 1992. The Society is dedicated to the Weimaraner as a pet, show dog or working dog. Although our title includes the "North of England" we invite member applications from anywhere in the U.K and likewise overseas.



A medium size , grey short-coated dog (unless of course the Long-haired variety) with light coloured eyes. The dog presents a picture of power, stamina and balance. The hunting ability of the breed is of paramount concern. The breed is fearless yet friendly, protective, obedient and very alert and needs plenty of stimulation and has a brain that needs to be occupied.
The Weimaraner is a multi-purpose Hunt, Point and Retrieve gundog. This breed requires consistent treatment from sensible owners. A lively, cheerful, affectionate animal that can be stubborn. A very hardy breed with a good sense of smell and a passionate worker. Also trained easily for the show ring where he makes a handsome presence.

The correct colour of a Weimaraner is grey or shades of. It is not blue. To read more about the colour, please read the information on the Colour page.

(with judge Mr M Armstrong, handler Jacqui Ward and owner Karen Whitehead)
Breed record holder - 51 CC's
Owned by Karen Whitehead

Bitch record holder - 44 CC's
Owned by Mr & Mrs J Ross

N.E.W.S. Championship Show - 2018 - Principal Results:

Best In Show Simpson & Dawson's Ch Sireva Skype JW
Reserve BIS Stafford's Gunalt Repartee Farnfield
Best Opposite Sex Rayner & Maskell's Sh Ch Gunalt Academy at Raystans JW ShCM
Best Puppy In Show Simpson, Dawson & Clarke's Sireva Senna
Best Veteran in Show Crowther's Ch Hundwith Toggle JW
Best Longhair in Show Perez-Powell's Gunalt By Ek at Soncaro (AI)

N.E.W.S. Open Show - 2018 - Principal Results:

Best In Show Crowther's Sh Ch Hundwith Mclaren
RES. BIS Batty's Sh Ch Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor JW ShCM
Best Opposite Sex Batty's Sh Ch Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor JW ShCM
Best Puppy In Show Maclaine & Dickson's Greyspirit Hopes N Dreams
Best Veteran in Show Rayner's Sh Ch Gunalt The Look at Raystans JW ShCM
Best Longhair in Show Perez-Powell's Sh Ch Gunalt By Ek at Soncaro (AI)

Winnners of NEWS Annual Trophies for the year 2018 are:

TOP ADULT - Rayner & Maskell's Sh Ch Gunalt Academy at Raystans JW ShCM
TOP PUPPY - Hunt & Roberts' Joneva Hollywood Glamour

The Officers and Committee


Chairman Sandra Marshall 01422 367399  
Secretary Claire Rodgers 0791 9401958 email
Treasurer & Membership Secretary Andrea Smith 01423 889840 email

Committee Members

  Anne Burns 01706 715287  
  Jean Byrne 01706 853246 email
Cup Steward Jane Elders 07958 726855 email
Newsletter Editor Patsy Hollings 0113 2505113 email
  Stephen Hollings 0113 2505113  
  Peter Milby 0113 2520470  

Yearbook Coordinator

Jacqui Ward 0113 2526560 email


Throughout the year the Society holds a number of events across the North of England. There are two breed shows a year, consisting of a Championship show in April and an Open show in July, currently held in conjunction with Leeds Canine Association. The Society also organises training days for those interested in working their dogs and also educational events in the format of one day seminars.

Please visit our Events Diary Page for further details.


The Society provides a NEWSletter for members once a year, which will be sent to members at the end of each year. The Editor, Patsy Hollings is always pleased to receive contributions . Please email Patsy with your articles.


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***Missing Dog***

ANGEL is a Champion German Shorthaired Pointer, owned by Dawn Elrington, a member of the North of England Weimaraner Society.

ANGEL disappeared whilst on a walk at 7.45am on 6 December 2012, near Barnsley. She has now been missing for over 4 weeks and there is a nationwide search on-going for her. It is believed to be probably the biggest dog-hunt ever mounted in the UK and Ireland. There a reward of 3000 offered for her safe return. We believe she could now be anywhere in the UK or Ireland or even in Europe.

Many of you may already be aware of ANGEL and are already helping in the search for her, however, whilst we have spread the word across the UK we still feel there is more that we can do. PLEASE keep an eye out for this lovely girl, we really need to get ANGEL home to her owner. I am also aware that many of you are members of other clubs/societies and will probably be getting a similar email in duplicate, however, we would rather someone receives this information several times than not at all.

I know ANGEL is a GSP but please, consider how you would feel in the same situation, she is a successful show dog and working dog, but above all that she is a much loved family pet whose family is devastated by her disappearance, I would hope that if I was in the same situation the dog community would be doing the same to help me recover my dog.

I have attached a poster and the press release for ANGEL. I really hope you are able to assist in spreading the word and getting ANGEL home soon.

Dog theft is on the increase; it could happen to any of us.

Angel's DogLost Poster

Angel's Press Release







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