North of England Weimaraner Society

Patrons: The Earl & Countess of Harewood


President: Mr S Hollings

Welcome to the Society’s website, dedicated to the Weimaraner

Sh Ch Gunalt De Ice at Stridview

with judge Mr M Armstrong, handler Jacqui Ward, owner Karen Whitehead

Breed Record Holder - 51CCs

The North of England Weimaraner Society was founded in 1992. The Society is dedicated to the Weimaraner

as a pet, show dog or working dog. Although our title includes the “North of England”; we invite member

applications from anywhere in the U.K and likewise overseas.

The correct colour of a Weimaraner is grey or shades of. It is not blue. To read more about the colour, please read the information on the Colour page.



A medium size, grey short-coated dog (unless of course the Long-haired variety) with light coloured eyes. The dog presents a picture of power, stamina and balance. The hunting ability of the breed is of paramount concern. The breed is fearless yet friendly, protective, obedient and very alert and needs plenty of stimulation and has a brain that needs to be occupied. The Weimaraner is a multi-purpose Hunt, Point and Retrieve gundog. This breed requires consistent treatment from sensible owners. A lively, cheerful, affectionate animal that can be stubborn. A very hardy breed with a good sense of smell and a passionate worker. Also trained easily for the show where he makes a handsome presence.

A Weimaraner will take as much exercise as you can give them but if they don’t get enough, they can become hyperactive and destructive. They are not a dog for someone who lives in a flat but a moderate to large property with a good sized garden. They can jump 6ft fences if allowed and can dig under fences so make sure your garden is secure.

The Weimaraner doesn’t require a lot of grooming and will shed its coat usually twice a year. Some dogs moult in patches which looks like wet patches, this is perfectly normal and will disappear once the new coat has come through. The longhaired variety may require more grooming as the coat is approximately 1-2” long and longer on the tail.


Winners of NEWS Annual Trophies for the year 2019

Top Adult - Rayner & Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy at Raystans JW ShCM

Top Puppy - Rayner & Maskell’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans JW

No trophies presented in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Sh Ch/Irish Sh Ch Ansona Purdey

Bitch Record Holder - 44 CCs

Owned by Mr J Ross

Handler Mr G Haran