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**** IMPORTANT ****

For each of the Society's shows, just 300 Schedules are sent out to members and on average only 80 of those are used to enter the shows. The Committee hopes you agree therefore that it seems common sense to review this practice in an effort to reduce the costs of printing and postage.

Don't be concerned you'll miss out though - the Schedules are posted on our website and full details of club shows are included in each of our newsletters, so anyone interested in attending a show purely as a spectator doesn't actually need a schedule, they can easily find information about location, date and time of the show.

In future, the following arrangements will apply
* Anyone who has entered any of the Club's shows in the last two years will still receive a schedule.
* Apart from previous entries, a schedule will only be sent out if specifically requested from the Show Secretary.

To further assist with reducing costs, schedules will be emailed to exhibitors wherever possible - if you are happy to receive a schedule by email, please make sure the Show Secretary, Claire Rodgers has your email address as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

North of England Weimaraner Society Championship Show 2020

The NEWS Championship show will be held at Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley in April 2020. The judge will be Mrs Carol Coode (Warringah).

Schedule, entry form and online entry is available on the Fosse Data website here

North of England Weimaraner Society Annual General Meeting 2020

Notice of the NEWS AGM can be found HERE

North of England Weimaraner Society Open Show 2020

The Open Show will once again be held in conjunction with Leeds Championship Show on Friday 24th July 2020.

The judge is Ms Anita Brown (Desjiem)

Schedules, entry form and online entry is available on the Fosse Data website here

***Missing Dog***

ANGEL is a Champion German Shorthaired Pointer, owned by Dawn Maw, a member of the North of England Weimaraner Society.

ANGEL disappeared whilst on a walk at 7.45am on 6 December 2012, near Barnsley. She has now been missing for over 4 weeks and there is a nationwide search on-going for her. It is believed to be probably the biggest dog-hunt ever mounted in the UK and Ireland. There a reward of 3000 offered for her safe return. We believe she could now be anywhere in the UK or Ireland or even in Europe.

Many of you may already be aware of ANGEL and are already helping in the search for her, however, whilst we have spread the word across the UK we still feel there is more that we can do. PLEASE keep an eye out for this lovely girl, we really need to get ANGEL home to her owner. I am also aware that many of you are members of other clubs/societies and will probably be getting a similar email in duplicate, however, we would rather someone receives this information several times than not at all.

I know ANGEL is a GSP but please, consider how you would feel in the same situation, she is a successful show dog and working dog, but above all that she is a much loved family pet whose family is devastated by her disappearance, I would hope that if I was in the same situation the dog community would be doing the same to help me recover my dog.

I have attached a poster and the press release for ANGEL. I really hope you are able to assist in spreading the word and getting ANGEL home soon.

Dog theft is on the increase; it could happen to any of us.

Angel's DogLost Poster

Angel's Press Release









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