Championship Show Judges for Weimaraners.

Show Judge
  2020 2021 2022 2023
Boston Mrs E Thomas* Mr T Pearson CANCELLED    
Manchester Mr T Johnston MPhil* Mr S Jobse* CANCELLED    
Crufts Miss A Gates Mrs G Halff-van Boven (Holland) Miss J Turner Dr R W James
N.E.W.S. CC's
Special Award classes
Mrs C Coode (Warringah)
Miss D Elrington (Tequesta)
Mrs L Bowley (Gunsyn)
Miss D Elrington (Tequesta)
Mrs C Coode (Warringah)  
WELKS Mrs P Butler-Holley CANCELLED Mr R Mosedale*    
Weimaraner Association Mr G Scobell CANCELLED Ms C G Myers    
Birmingham Dog Show Mrs C E Cartledge CANCELLED Mrs R Martin* Mrs E Hughes  
Scottish Kennel Club Mr P Pavey* CANCELLED Mr J Daltrey    
Bath Mr M Howes CANCELLED Mr J Richardson    
Southern Counties Mr M Armstrong CANCELLED Mr M Armstrong    
Three Counties Mrs C Brooks CANCELLED Ms B Bodle Mrs C Rodgers  
Border Union Mr D Crowther* CANCELLED Mrs S Damms    
Blackpool Mr F Kane CANCELLED Mrs G Dawson Mr CRW Hill  
Windsor Mr M Hesford CANCELLED Mr R A Clarke    
East of England Mr L Wilks* CANCELLED Miss E W Newton    
Leeds Ms E Bradley CANCELLED Mrs J Eyeington    
Paignton Mr D R Alcorn CANCELLED Mr T Johnston MPhil    
National Gundog Mrs M Rainey* CANCELLED Mr A Allen* Mrs S Dyer Mrs M Rainey
Bournemouth Mr P Richardson CANCELLED Mr R Stafford Mrs M Chant  
Welsh Kennel Club Miss P Grime CANCELLED Mrs J Peak*    
Scottish Kennel Club Mr C Atkinson CANCELLED Mrs E Thomas    
Weimaraner Club of GB Mrs T Morris (Dogs) CANCELLED
Miss D Tranquada (Bitches)
Mrs D Mosey (Referee)
Mrs S Moore (Dogs)
Mr A Moore (Bitches)
Mrs E Jones (Referee)
City of Birmingham Mrs P Blay CANCELLED Mr D W Shields    
Richmond Mrs R Barney CANCELLED      
Darlington Mr D Robson CANCELLED Mrs K Palmer Ms R E Murray*  
Belfast Ms I Glen CANCELLED      
Driffield Mrs J Byrne CANCELLED Miss B Allison    
South Wales Kennel Association Ms J George-Ainscough CANCELLED Mr P Milby    
Gundog Society of Wales Mrs L Trow CANCELLED      
Midland Counties Mr J Kelly CANCELLED Mrs A Carrington Mr J Kelly  
Gundog Breeds of Scotland Mr K Groom CANCELLED Mr A Zeppi (Italy)*    
Weimaraner Club of Scotland Mrs P Edminson CANCELLED Mrs P Edminson    
LKA Mrs B Thorne CANCELLED Ms L Adams    
N.E.W.S. Open Show Ms A Brown CANCELLED Mr M Oddie (Riowood/Ragus)    


Please check the dog press for dates of shows.


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