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Potential owners of the Weimaraner should be aware the breed is ONE COLOUR only and that is GREY or shades of. It is not blue. A blue dog purporting to be a Weimaraner is incorrect and not a recognised colour of any of the UK Weimaraner clubs or the country of origin. The Weimaraner carries the brown gene which gives it the unique colour that it is, the GREY GHOST, a blue dog caries the black gene. There are 'breeders' selling blue dogs as a Weimaraner for inflated prices as 'rare'. The North of England Weimaraner Society would advise you do not purchase such a puppy but look to breeders who only breed the correct colour (silver grey, mouse grey or roe grey) from health tested parents. If you wish to read about blue and brown coats please click here.

As you can see from this SPREADSHEET updated 29th October 2021, there have been lots of blue dogs registered since the first ones were imported in 2004. Some litters contain all blue dogs and some are mixed litters. You can also get a Longhair blue dog. Until 2004, the breed in the United Kingdom did not have a problem with colour. If you are unsure whether your potential puppy contains blue breeding, please look at the spreadsheet to see if any of the dogs named are in your puppy's pedigree. It is an impossible  task keeping track of all blue dogs registered, especially from the second generation onwards but you may also want to check your dog's details on the online Weimaraner Database. You will need to register but it is free. The administrators of the database are trying to include the term 'Descendant of blue' to the Notes section of each dog.

Unfortunately, buying a Weimaraner has become BUYER BEWARE. Make sure you do your homework, never be afraid to ask the breeder to see a copy of the pedigree, the Kennel Club Registration Certificate and any health certificates which the parents should have had prior to breeding. If in doubt, you can always ask any of the UK Weimaraner clubs who will only be too happy to help.         

The correct silver grey Weimaraner colour

A blue dog purporting to be a Weimaraner. This is NOT a Weimaraner colour

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