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NEWS Yearbook 2020

As there has only been 3 championship shows in 2020, we will not be producing the excellent Results Book this year. However, the results and critiques from the 3 shows can be viewed below.

Boston results

Boston critique

Manchester Results

Manchester Critique

Crufts Results
Crufts critique

Weimaraners Needed to Help Save the Lives of Other Dogs!

Could your Weimaraner be a lifesaver? The charity Pet Blood Bank UK is seeking happy, confident, and healthy Weimaraners to become vital blood donors to help save other dogs in need.

Just like humans, dogs often need blood transfusions due to surgery, trauma, or disease. These blood transfusions can be lifesaving and mean so much to the owners of dogs who have needed them. Dogs like Weimaraner, Grace, who is here today having received a blood transfusion.

Weimaraners are especially important when it comes to dog blood donations as they are more likely to have the rarer negative blood type. Only 30% of dogs have this blood type but it is in very high demand because it can be given to any dog in an emergency. The other 70% of dogs have positive blood type. This means Weimaraners are even more vital to Pet Blood Bank as they are one of only a small list of breeds that tend to have this blood type.   

Marie Dennis is the owner of Weimaraner Grace. Following a gastropexy operation in September 2019 where Grace’s spleen was removed after unstoppable bleeding, a blood transfusion thankfully saved her life. She has since survived a pyometra and haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, but at over 14 years old, she loves life! As a way of giving back following Grace’s transfusion, Marie’s other dog Liberty is now a blood donor with Pet Blood Bank.  

Marie said, ‘We don’t know how long Grace has now, but every day is a precious bonus which we are making the most of. Her life was saved by the plasma transfusion from Pet Blood Bank, for which I will be forever grateful.’

Pet Blood Bank operates very similarly to the human blood service, but for dogs. First your dog receives a health check from a vet before donating approximately 450ml of blood, which takes around 5-10 minutes. Even better than the human service, though, dogs receive treats all throughout the donation session, as well as plenty of fuss, attention, and cuddles from the team. Dogs even get a lovely tummy rub while lying on the table during their donation. In total, the donation appointment takes around 45 minutes.

If your Weimaraner is between 1 and 8 years old, weighs over 25kg, and is fit and healthy, they could be a lifesaver. Dogs should also be confident and enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences.

Every donation your dog gives can help to save the lives of up to four other dogs!

Register now on the website  Pet Blood Bank