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NEWS members wishing to advertise their puppies should email the Honorary Secretary for a LITTERBOX form or download the form 
NEWS Puppy List Application

Anyone emailing the Secretary regarding puppies through this website, please put NEWS in the subject box. Thank you.


Potential owners of the Weimaraner should be aware the breed is ONE COLOUR only and that is GREY or shades of. It is not blue. A blue dog purporting to be a Weimaraner is incorrect and not a recognised colour of any of the UK Weimaraner clubs or the country of origin. The Weimaraner carries the brown gene which gives it the unique colour that it is, the GREY GHOST, a blue dog caries the black gene. There are 'breeders' selling blue dogs as a Weimaraner for inflated prices as 'rare'. The North of England Weimaraner Society would advise you do not purchase such a puppy but look to breeders who only breed the correct colour (silver grey, mouse grey or roe grey) from health tested parents.                    

If you think you want a Weimaraner, please read A Brief Guide to the Weimaraner

The correct silver grey Weimaraner colour

A blue dog purporting to be a Weimaraner. This is NOT a Weimaraner colour

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Criteria for Entry onto the N.E.W.S. Puppy List

Only members of N.E.W.S. may advertise their puppies on this site.
 All enquiries regarding the litters should be made directly to the breeders at the contact details shown for each litter. Prospective owners should request all details they require regarding puppies by visiting the breeders and viewing their dogs prior to purchasing a puppy.

No litters registered as ‘Colour Not Recognised by the KC’ will be advertised with NEWS 

NEWS does not assume any responsibility for any puppy sold as a result of providing information on litters available.

Breeders must ensure the Sire and Dam of the litter are Kennel Club registered. The Breeder will hand over the dog's registration certificate at time of sale if available, or forward it to the new owner as soon as possible. Explain any endorsements that might pertain and obtain written and signed confirmation from the new owner, at or before the date on which the dog is physically transferred, that the new owner is aware of the endorsement(s), regardless of whether or not the endorsed registration certificate is available.

The Breeder will follow Kennel Club policy regarding maximum age and number/frequency of litters 

The Breeder will make sure that both parents have been hip scored.

The Breeder will socialise the puppies and provide written advice on continuation of socialisation, exercise and future training 

The Breeder will provide written advice on feeding and worming programmes 

The Breeder will provide a written record on the immunisation measures taken 

The Breeder will provide reasonable post-sales telephone advice 

The Breeder will commit to help, if necessary, with the re-homing of a dog, for whatever reason, throughout the dog's lifetime 

Litters will be removed from the Litterbox when the puppies reach 12 weeks old unless otherwise informed.