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 Sunday 13th February 2022
Venue: The Kennel Club Building (Meeting Rooms), Stoneleigh, CV8 2LZ
Speaker: Patsy Hollings

The Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) is open to all who wish to gain a better understanding of the Weimaraner. The BAD is a mandatory requirement for all judges wishing to progress from Level 1 to Level 2 on the Judges Education Programme (JEP). The Kennel Club has stated that from 2021, all judges will need to be registered on at least JCF Level 1 in order to undertake any judging appointment.

The morning session will consist of an in-depth introduction to the Weimaraner and the Kennel Club Breed Standard, which is an essential part of the criteria for awarding CC’s in the breed followed by a Multiple Choice Exam (MCE).

Following lunch, there will be an opportunity for a limited number of candidates to take part in the A3 hands-on assessment for those judges using the current system and are 'nearly there' with the numbers (120 Weimaraners). 

Anyone can attend the BAD but only judges that have undertaken the following Kennel Club education seminars are eligible to take the Multiple Choice Exam.
•To have passed the Rules & Regulations of a Dog Show Judge
•To have passed the Points of the Dog Assessment
•To have attended a Conformation & Movement seminar
•To have completed 6 days stewarding

To book a place, please use the Booking Form and send to Claire Rodgers with the correct fee.

NEWS Championship Show 2022
The champ show will be held at Newark & Notts Showground, Winthorpe, NG24 2NY on Saturday 30th April 2022.
The judge is Mrs Carole Coode (Warringah) who was scheduled to judge our cancelled 2020 show.
Dr Kirsten Bond (Pharises) is the appointed judge for the special award classes.

Details of the schedule & e ntry form can be found on the Fosse Data website HERE

Paper entries will be accepted as well as online entries

NEWS Open Show 2022
The open show will again be held alongside the champ show on Saturday 30th April 2022. The judge is Ms Tania Gardner (Danwish). Tania has attended and passed a Weimaraner breed seminar.

Details of the schedule & entry form can be found on the Fosse Data website HERE

Paper entries will be accepted as well as online entries

The NEWS shows will be held the day before the Weimaraner Association Ch Sh, which is held in the same area.